Exhibitors Interview-Beiqiyuan: Automation, Intelligence and Complexity Dominated

Today is the second day of Asia Logistics Trade Show.

Beijing Lifting and Transportation Design Research Institute, as a famous logistics equipment system integrator and famous logistics equipment supplier, is a pioneer of logistics warehousing technology in China, developed the first automatic stereo warehouse in China in 1973, and in 1998 realized the export of domestic automatic stereo warehouse abroad for the first time; 2001 took the lead into the field of Automation Logistics Distribution Center Logistics equipment system; 2010 successfully entered the field of electronic commerce equipment system.

At the CeMAT exhibition, Mr. Sun Gize, Secretary of the Beijing lifting and transportation machinery design and Research Institute, revealed: "In addition to the traditional field of pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical commerce, clothing, textiles, FMCG industry continue to maintain the leading edge, the north of the recent focus on the development of the field of intelligent manufacturing, e-commerce, airport logistics, furniture, Automotive industry, typical and in the industry has an impact of cases are: Guangdong Midea, Suzhou SSE, Ningbo Bull, Xiamen hongfa, Jingdong Hangzhou, Jingdong Chengdu, Jingdong Beijing, Luzhou Airport, Shanghai Ikea, incredibly home, SAIC free Trade Zone project. ”

Over the past 40 years, Beiqiyuan has successfully implemented more than 500 sets of automated logistics and warehousing equipment systems for all walks of life at home and abroad. More than 100 sets of automatic logistics distribution center logistics storage equipment system; Nearly 100 sets of automatic conveying and palletizing equipment systems connected to production ( involving the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, liquor, monosodium glutamate, dairy products and other fast food industries ) have the highest domestic market share and are the leading units in the domestic industry.

" Our institute has also drafted all the standards for domestic logistics and warehousing, and is also an affiliated unit of this industry association and society. At the same time, it undertakes technical research on related issues from the sixth five-year plan to the twelfth five-year plan. " President Sun is very proud of this.

When it comes to the development and characteristics of the market, President Sun believes that there are four more important points: First, the market demand for automatic logistics and warehousing equipment is growing, with an estimated output value of more than 20 billion yuan in 2018; Second, the automation, intelligence and complexity of the system are getting higher and higher, and new products and technologies emerge one after another. Third, the automated logistics and warehousing equipment industry is a capital-intensive industry, and the market profits are becoming thinner and thinner. With the increasingly fierce competition in the logistics equipment market, the business is becoming more and more difficult to do. Fourth, showstopper, which participates in project bidding at low or even ultra-low prices, has no bottom line, resulting in many projects not being accepted. He firmly believes that the living space of low-end product providers or small and micro enterprises will become smaller and smaller in the future.