Exhibitors Interview-Haikang robot: mobile creates value, and material union enables manufacturing

Today is the second day of Asia Logistics Exhibition.

Centering on " Moving to Create Value, Combining Energy with Wisdom", Haikang Robot, a subsidiary of Haikang Vision, exhibited four series of mobile robots including lurking, moving, compounding and forklift trucks, as well as logistics code reading system based on machine vision products at C E M AT Exhibition. Mobile robots are intelligent and smart, giving new value to intelligent logistics and creating unlimited possibilities in the dynamic pace of movement. Machine vision products join forces to efficiently complete information collection and fusion, add depth perception to intelligence creation, and gather new energy for the interconnection of all things.

Under the command of the dispatching system, Haikangwei mobile robot can switch different working modes by changing its formation and route, and perform " robot mobilization", " speed and passion", " Interstellar" and other application scenarios on the spot. In robot mobilization, the three series of robots, latent, transfer and compound, cooperate with each other to complete the whole process of material ( round cake ) delivery. In speed and passion, several latent series of robots were traveling at a high speed of 2m / s, and the new forklift series of robots with eye-catching performance demonstrated " the lancet hitting the bull's eye directly" on the spot with a repeat positioning accuracy of 1mm to achieve " one strike winning". In Interstellar, a group of latent series of robots form a team, freely switching between visual navigation and SLAM laser navigation, so as to complete the 8 - shaped route in a more efficient arc way.

Haikangwei's dynamic code-reading system is a collection of line laser stereo cameras, intelligent code-reading cameras and ultra-high resolution industrial cameras developed independently by Haikangwei, demonstrating its ability to sense and fuse various kinds of information at high speed. The first six-sided code reading system ( DWS ) in this exhibition can read all-round codes for express shipments placed at will. Even if the express delivery surface is placed facing the conveyor belt, it can still be read by the camera at high speed.

" Haikang's current vision technology is based on the vision of traditional security and extends in the industrial field. Haikang has a large amount of technology accumulation and sedimentation in this sector, and the equipment has high identification efficiency and high accuracy. Mr. Yang Zhuo said, " With the improvement of information technology, industrial fields are part of machine vision and mobile robot applications, and we will expand other fields in the future with broad market prospects. "