Exhibitors Interview- Anji Intelligence: Intelligence Joins the World

Anji intelligent logistics technology co., ltd, which made its debut at cemat exhibition, is an innovative intelligent logistics integration solution system integrator under the banner of SAIC Anji logistics. In fact, Anji Intelligence also made its official appearance in the industry this time. According to reports, since its establishment, SAIC Anji Logistics has rapidly grown into a pioneer in the application of domestic automotive intelligent logistics technology, a promoter of internet plus's automotive logistics model, a planner and organizer of the automotive supply chain ecosystem, and the industry's No. 1 vehicle transportation company, with a market share of 30 %, equivalent to 30 vehicles per 100 new vehicles being shipped by SAIC Anji Logistics.

Anji Intelligence highlighted a series of advanced logistics application technologies and solutions including digital supply chain solutions, IOT logistics visualization technology achievements, advanced automated logistics equipment: AGV cooperative robots, intelligent mobile stations, and innovative intelligent warehouse technologies such as VR warehouse and visual inspection, and explained its mission spirit of " connecting the world with intelligent logistics" through interactive experience activities. Mr. Jin Bin, CEO of Anji Intelligence, said: " Compared with traditional automation manufacturers, Anji Intelligence's biggest characteristic is that it is doing logistics operation itself and has a large number of business scenes, so it can dig the difficult scenes of difficult business and then improve continuously through its own technology research and development. In addition, Anji Intelligence's team structure is very innovative. We have combined several forces into one team for my use, which is also an important difference. "

As for Anji Intelligence's positioning, Kimbin said: " We prefer to see ourselves as a provider of integrated solutions for the smart supply chain, playing a more integrated role, but there are some differences with conventional integrators. Because we have incorporated the design of the whole supply chain solution into it. "

With regard to the development of the application industry, Kim said that the main customer direction at present is automobile logistics, with the proportion of 80 % this year, which will be further optimized and adjusted next year. About 60 % is the automobile industry and 40 % is the non-automobile industry. Among them, non-automobile applications are mainly concentrated in areas such as e - commerce, medical care, high technology, retail and so on, where the demand for intelligent automated logistics is particularly great.


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