Exhibitors Interview- NOVOCRANE: Promote Industry Customization and Open up International Market with Innovative Technology

At this Cemet exhibition, NOVOCRANE, an electric hoist expert, showed off the new generation of customized products for special applications: mold hoist, metallurgical electric hoist, dust explosion-proof electric hoist and corrosion-proof electric hoist.

Die - hanging electric hoist is a special wire rope electric hoist specially used for die overturning movement, which is mainly used in automobile and casting industries. Metallurgical electric hoist is specially used for lifting molten metal or other high-temperature solid objects and is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, metallurgical casting and other workplaces. Dust explosion-proof electric hoist is specially used in dust environment. The explosion-proof areas used are Zone 21 and Zone 22, with explosion-proof grade CT4 and ATEX certification. Anti - corrosion hoist electric motor is specially used in corrosive environment, mainly used in petrochemical industry and ocean.

Chemical industry, suitable for electroplating, pickling, cooking, heat treatment and other workshops. Regarding the market trend, General Manager Gu Haiqing said that with the deepening of industrialization, the customer's demand for lifting equipment is not a simple solution, but to ensure the improvement of safety, reliability and efficiency in the whole production process. The brand-new products brought by Norway this time can provide more stable, reliable, accurate, intelligent and energy-saving lifting mechanism for special application customers, making handling easier. According to Gu, NOVOCRANE 's performance in 2018 is expected to increase by nearly 40 % from last year, and next year it will continue to vigorously promote industry customization - providing customized product solutions for different industries. Another important point is to vigorously develop the international market.

Gu Zong proudly said: " After ten years of tempering, our products can already compete with the best products in the world. The technical capability of our products is not inferior to the world's advanced level, so we have obvious advantages in cost performance, but this is not the only advantage. Our other advantage is service, which is reflected in initiative, response speed and solving ability. Therefore, we are not only opening up international markets in developing regions such as Asia and Africa, but also targeting developed countries in Europe and America. NOVOCRANE is already helping German partners to carry out OEM production and sales, which fully reflects our ability. "


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