Selected Exhibitors (Balluff Automation (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.)

Bis u system uses ultra-high frequency or UHF 865 to 928 MHz diffuse wave and backscatter technology as well as passive tags to provide a 6 m long-distance RFID solution. This system is suitable for asset tracking and identification as well as intra-company or inter-company logistics. BIS U contains high-temperature and metal-mounted label solutions, as well as hard reusable and disposable labels to provide the most cost-effective and reliable solution. UHF - based RFID provides methods to identify and track assets, such as tools, production equipment, medical instruments, installed parts, containers, etc., and even reusable assets, such as pick-up bags, boxes, sliding skids, etc. Tracking the movement of parts and products is the key to efficient operation of manufacturing plants. UHF - based RFID can quickly and reliably identify multiple containers and shipping information in a reliable non-visual manner. When moving parts from the supplier to the main production equipment, UHF - based RFID can identify the arriving carrier goods, detailed information and reusable assets such as pick-up bags, parts boxes, sliding skids and containers very reliably and quickly. Electronic Kanban is an information transmission system that can mix information and control the tracking and movement of production components. Electronic billboards can be used to provide faster information flow instead of traditional components such as magnetic cards with RFID and bar codes.



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