Intelligent Solutions for High Density Storage

Dematk's modular high-density storage solution is an automated high-density tray access system. The system solution is pre - designed, easy to configure, quick to install and start, ensuring quick return on investment and easy to expand. It also has obvious advantages in improving storage capacity, reducing labor, shortening delivery time and improving inventory management. The scheme has also been professionally tested and verified, with high efficiency in design, easy installation and convenient debugging.

The high-density storage solution is a modular high-density storage system for pallets, which includes shelves for intensive storage, stackers, conveyor line loops, transfer cars, blanking and picking stations, and defective conveyor line loops, as well as software for operation and optimization of receiving, inventory tracking, and pallet retrieval. Can be quickly installed and started to ensure quick return on investment.

At a time when the logistics and warehousing industry is developing rapidly, customers will find that when warehouses are under heavy operational pressure, unloading storage trays always take too much time, the storage capacity is pitifully small, and the labor force cannot be fully utilized. At the same time, honeycomb phenomenon ( space waste ), loss of goods, shelf damage, frequent accidents and other problems are constantly bothering them.

For dematec's customers, these are not problems. Dematk has accumulated decades of experience in designing warehousing solutions. We have always been committed to reducing space requirements and fully mobilizing inventory to provide product safety and improve productivity and accuracy. The main advantage of this solution is modularity. These modules are easy to expand, so 1 to 10 roadways can be designed. The transport line loop module contains blocks of 2 to 5 lanes.

This means fast execution and is especially good at improving storage capacity, reducing labor, shortening delivery time and improving inventory management. Its tray access system has been tested and verified, which makes it easier to design, install and debug while minimizing the risks that customers ask for.

In addition, for Dematk, when the high-density storage system uses the module design loaded into Maestro, it can effectively combine the requirements collected in the sales staff spreadsheet, and the development department can quickly combine the different modules ( such as shelves, stackers, conveyor line modules and software ) in the scheme into the completed subsystem. The solution has scalability at the same time, and can be easily expanded with the growth of the business without interrupting the operation as much as possible.

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