Review of 2017 Cemet Asia Logistics Exhibition

The much-anticipated Cemet Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition was held in Shanghai's New International Exhibition Center from October 31 to November 3 as scheduled. The author came to the scene at the first time to bring you some fresh information about the exhibition site.

The theme of 2017 Cemet is " Focusing on Intelligent Logistics, Leading the Wind in Industry". With the gradual popularization of concepts such as " Industry 4.0" and " Made in China 2025", the logistics industry also needs to respond urgently. Cemet's theme this time is also in line with the development trend of this industry and shares with all exhibitors the development of the industry.

There are three main highlights in the 2017 exhibition. First, innovation and intelligent concepts drive the forklift industry to upgrade continuously. Second, the logistics robot is unprecedentedly hot and can be described as letting a hundred flowers blossom. Third, the system integrators are still the core of the exhibition. In addition, the performance of domestic enterprises in this exhibition is also very eye - catching.

The 2018 Asia Logistics Exhibition will also be held soon. Please pay attention to it at that time.