Jingdong: Intelligent Storage and Distribution Robot


Compared with the traditional warehouse production mode, Jingdong's wolf warehouse can save half of its area and the efficiency of picking goods out of the warehouse can be five times as high as that of the traditional warehouse.

Jingdong's wolf warehouse is Jingdong's intelligent storage robot. With the support of artificial intelligence technology, the robot is not only a strongman with a load of 300kg, but also can automatically avoid obstacles and complete the delivery route set by the dispatching system according to the intelligent brain. Relying on the two-dimensional code navigation and guidance path in the warehouse and its own sensors, they can avoid collision, shuttle back and forth in the shelves, carry goods, and do not interfere with each other, greatly improving sorting efficiency and accuracy.

What's more, consumers in Beijing, Xi 'an, xiong'an new area, Changsha and other domestic cities will have the opportunity to enjoy the intelligent receiving experience brought by JD.com's distribution robot. The robot not only relies entirely on automatic driving technology, but also can realize autonomous obstacle avoidance, turning, detour, return trip, autonomous identification of traffic lights and so on, serving the " last kilometer" operation.

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