Set up the Intelligent Logistics Research Institute to build the gooday Intelligent Warehouse Platform

" In the next trillion-scale market, gooday Logistics will set up an ecological circle, not only to solve the problem of large logistics service experience, cost, but also to solve the problem of industrial upgrading. " Wang Yiduo, deputy general manager of Qingdao gooday Logistics Co., Ltd., said at the subsequent logistics storage forum that gooday Logistics will focus on building an intelligent warehouse platform next.

He pointed out that the development and strategic positioning of gooday's logistics is based on the best user experience, integrating the world's first-class network resources, building a professional, standardized and intelligent open logistics service platform, and has gone through four stages of development: enterprise logistics, logistics enterprises, platform enterprises and ecological enterprises. It has become the leading brand of large-scale logistics through the five differentiated competitiveness of warehousing, trunk line, distribution, delivery and loading services and the eight intelligent logistics information systems. At present, gooday Logistics has 136 smart logistics warehouses, 10,000 regional distribution networks, more than 6,000 service outlets, more than 6 million square meters of cloud warehouses and more than 3300 trunk lines. Next, gooday's logistics will further develop towards intelligence and intelligence.

Wang Yiduo revealed that gooday Logistics will first create a platform for the Intelligent Logistics Research Institute, which will be positioned at the following two points:

For the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency and enhancing industrial competitiveness, we will build a competitive large logistics supply chain platform (traditional defensive supply chain );

In order to create value-added for users, lead the development of big-ticket industry and establish the supply chain ecosystem ( offensive supply chain ) of the industry ( household appliances and household appliances ).

At the same time, by focusing on intelligent upgrading of systems and equipment, focusing on cost and benefit process upgrading, focusing on professional and standard management upgrading, and focusing on product and system model upgrading, gooday Smart Warehouse Platform will be finally built, positioning itself as an integrated smart warehouse platform connecting industry / user end-to-end logistics supply chain, covering the building of Smart HUB, Smart RDC and Smart CDC.

With the continuous change and upgrading of the large intelligent warehouse, the logistics industry is ushering in a new development mode, and the large logistics is also ushering in a new development towards intelligence.

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