Visit the industry's first large logistics intelligence warehouse to reveal the development of logistics intelligence in gooday

With the change of economic and social environment and the change of social infrastructure, the large logistics market, typified by household appliances, is undergoing great changes. " Wang Jixiang, vice president of the China Storage and Distribution Association and logistics expert of the Ministry of Commerce, said.

On the one hand, China has entered a new era, and changes in the social environment have promoted the upgrading of consumption and logistics services in the whole household industry, including household appliances. On the other hand, the Internet has changed from information technology to economic and social infrastructure, and various industries have reconstructed the Internet infrastructure, bringing about subversive changes. Under the great changes in the industry, it also means a huge opportunity for home appliance logistics. Statistics show that retail sales in China's home appliance market reached 1.7 trillion yuan in 2017, up 9.8 % year on year. If the logistics cost of household appliances is calculated at 18 %, the market size will exceed 300 billion yuan.

Under the reform and development of the industry, home appliance logistics is also continuously upgrading intellectually and developing in the direction of intellectualization.

As the leading brand of China's large-scale logistics, gooday Logistics has long started its intelligent warehousing layout. In 2001, gooday Logistics Huangdao Intelligent Warehouse, the first large-scale intelligent warehouse in the whole process and scene of the industry, was built and became the first large-scale logistics warehouse successfully selected as the " National Intelligent Warehouse Logistics Demonstration Base".

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