Start the 20 - year warm-up publicity of the exhibition

Since it was held for the first time in 2000, the Asia logistics exhibition has been accompanied by the vigorous development of the logistics industry in China. Its exhibition area continues to expand, the quality of exhibits continues to improve, and the professional audience has multiplied. It has become a weathervane for the development of the material handling and logistics technology industry in Asia. In October 2019, the Asia Logistics Exhibition will celebrate its 20th anniversary. At this year's 2018 Asia Logistics Exhibition, all kinds of warm-up publicity activities related to the 20th chapter will also be fully launched. At 10: 00 am on November 7, the press conference for the 20th anniversary of Cemet Asia Asia Logistics Exhibition will be held ceremoniously in the M2 Conference Room of W2 Pavilion. Organizers will announce the overall image of the 20th anniversary of the Asia Logistics Exhibition, and launch a project to collect and review the 20 - year history of development of the China Travel Service, with the help of professional media at home and abroad for worldwide promotion. In addition, the organizers will also carefully prepare the exhibition surroundings and accompanying gifts to give back to loyal fans.

The 2018 Asia logistics exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Federation of Logistics and Procurement, the China Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Hannover Exhibition Company of Germany and Hannover Milan Exhibition ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd .. At the same time, Asian ptc asia, Shanghai International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition, Shanghai International Industrial Parts and Subcontracting Exhibition, Asian International Cold Chain Equipment and Technology Exhibition and International Science Park Expo will also be held. The " Six Exhibitions Linkage" will open up an excellent opportunity for exhibitors, spectators, media and all participants to link up the industrial chain and build a trade chain and open the door to " China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025".