Flexible Automation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

From all kinds of automatic logistics equipment used in the rookie unmanned warehouse, the whole logistics system has more flexibility and a large number of AI ( artificial intelligence ) applications, which is also one of the biggest characteristics of the rookie unmanned warehouse. Zhu Lijun, a senior expert in algorithm of Cainiao's network and head of flexible automation project, said that the new change in automation logistics system in the era of artificial intelligence is flexible automation.

Zhu Lijun, senior algorithm expert of Cainiao's network and leader of flexible automation project

In his view, the flexible automated logistics system has four characteristics:

First, it has strong expansibility and robustness. The system can quickly deploy new automation equipment such as robots to process more orders. At the same time, the robustness of the system is very strong, and the operation of the whole warehouse will not be affected when there is a problem with a single node.

Second, modular design is easy to deploy and relocate. With the rapid development of e - commerce, there are more and more kinds of goods, which have various logistics attributes and sales attributes. Different goods need different operation modes and logistics systems need modular design. It is precisely because of the modular design that the flexible automated logistics system can be easily deployed and relocated. For example, a robot warehouse with an area of 5,000 square meters in Cainiao completed the warehouse moving operation in only one hour under the normal picking operation.

Third, it is convenient to adjust the operation process according to business changes. The warehouse needs to constantly change the logistics operation mode according to the characteristics of the ordered goods in order to quickly adapt to the business development and change.

Fourth, logistics operations are more predictable when most of the logistics links are automated.

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