Novice Unmanned Warehouse Solution

Recently, Cainiao and yuantong express jointly announced that the Super Robot Distribution Center was officially opened in Yuantong Hangzhou Transfer Center, 350 robots work day and night and can sort more than 500,000 packages a day. This efficiency has attracted wide attention in the industry. Cainiao said that before the " double 11" this year, it will also launch the next generation robot distribution center in Nanjing to speed up the automation of the industry in an all-round way.

As a matter of fact, as early as this year's " 618" period, rookie Wuxi unmanned warehouse has invested more than 500 kiva robots ( new AGV, compared with the traditional AGV, has more advanced navigation methods, unlimited travel routes, and has a more powerful upper software system ), becoming the largest and most efficient project for robots in similar warehouses in China. It is not difficult to see rookie's attitude and determination to build " unmanned warehouse" from their investment and process in the robot warehouse.

The rookie unmanned warehouse ( such as Wuxi warehouse ) is mainly divided into four functional areas, namely, three-dimensional storage warehouse, robot picking warehouse, mechanical arm picking warehouse and robot distribution area.

Three - dimensional storage bin: With AS / RS system, goods are automatically stacked on pallets by robots and sent to the conveying line by unmanned forklifts, and the stacker can automatically store goods in and out of the warehouse according to instructions.

Robot Picking Bin: It is divided into A and B areas. A seeding station is set in the middle of the A / B area, namely the goods merging area, which is used in parallel by " arrival of goods" and " vehicle to person" to cooperate with manual completion of order picking. After the order goods are selected, the packages are sent to the conveying line to complete the full-automatic posting of the face sheets and the full-automatic box sealing.

Mechanical arm sorting bin: mainly for medium-sized packages, the goods are sent to the conveyor belt by an unmanned forklift, the automatic identification of the box body is completed by a 3D camera, the mechanical arm accurately grabs the packages from the tray, puts them into the conveyor belt one by one, and realizes automatic sorting of the packages by a cross belt sorting machine.

Robot distribution area: mainly for small commodities, the robot can operate autonomously, read codes and sort packages through an efficient scheduling algorithm system combined with industrial camera fast code reading technology and robot intelligent scheduling system, and send the packages to a designated grid, and the packages fall into bags through spiral elevators and other equipment.

Finally, the package was loaded and shipped by unmanned forklift and other equipment.

In the whole operation area of the unmanned warehouse, the status of various logistics equipment can be monitored in real time and handled in time in case of sudden problems, so as to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the whole logistics system.

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