Rookie Unmanned Warehouse Based on Flexible Automation

Flexible automated logistics system needs a large number of robots and artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence brings a variety of technologies to intelligent logistics, while intelligent logistics provides a broad application scenario for artificial intelligence. In the rookie unmanned warehouse, a variety of logistics equipment, such as unmanned forklift, AGV picking, AGV distribution, automatic box sealing machine, palletizing robot, etc., are used. The whole logistics links such as warehousing, picking, packaging, and splitting all embody the characteristics of flexible automation.

With logistics gradually becoming the core competitiveness of e - commerce, Alibaba pays more attention to logistics. In September 2017, Alibaba Group announced a 5.3 billion yuan increase in its shares in Cainiao Network and will continue to invest 100 billion yuan in the construction of Cainiao Network Logistics System within the next five years. At the 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit held at the end of May, Ma Yun, chairman of Alibaba Group Board of Directors, stressed once again that hundreds of billions of yuan of investment is only the beginning and will continue to be invested in the future to make full efforts to build a national smart logistics backbone. Among them, promoting the construction of intelligent warehouse is one of the key points.

Under this background, rookies have continuously increased their research and development and application of unmanned warehouse technology. Starting from building highly automated assembly lines and realizing automation of warehouse selection, they have gradually introduced various types of robots, such as AGV handling robots, picking robots, cache systems, etc., to build intelligent unmanned warehouse. Subsequently, unmanned warehouse that can realize unmanned operation in the whole process will finally land.

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