G7 and Pross Jointly Set up Asset Management Companies to Accelerate the Popularization of Intelligent Equipment Market

On October 31, China's leading Internet of Things G7 and Pross held a signing ceremony in Shanghai. The two sides announced that they jointly funded the establishment of Puhui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to build standardized intelligent equipment products, and further lowered the popularization threshold of intelligent equipment and lowered the capital demand and use cost of transportation enterprises through the development of leasing business.

At the same time, the G7 and Pross will play a synergistic role and work together to create an intelligent equipment asset management platform and sharing platform suitable for the market demand of China's logistics industry.

G7 and Pross jointly set up Puhui Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to help logistics enterprises reduce the use cost of intelligent equipment and improve the operation efficiency and service quality through continuous platform construction and operation optimization, relying on the technical management capability of the host plant and terminal service system, fleet operation and the support of vehicle resources.

Asia Logistics Exhibition: Focusing on " Smart Logistics" to Lead the Wind in the Industry

6 - 9 November 2018

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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