Development Prospect and Trend of Unmanned Warehouse

As we all know, China's logistics cost accounts for a high proportion of GDP, and the production capacity and operation efficiency of logistics nodes have much room for improvement. No matter whether enterprises or individuals need to improve the level of logistics services for a long time, unmanned warehouses show advantages in terms of efficiency, labor saving and cost reduction, which is a good development direction in the field of warehousing technology and has a broad market prospect. Of course, the sound development of the unmanned warehouse market cannot be separated from the guidance of relevant policies and the standardization of the industry, nor can it be separated from the continuous innovation and upgrading of technology. In the future, there are several trends worthy of attention.

First, the development of unmanned warehouse will promote the innovation of business model, bring a dynamic new field to capital market and technology market, provide soil for the research and application of new technology, and the market will be more subdivided.

Second, unmanned warehouses will extend from the e-commerce industry to other industries, and robot operating systems applied to e-commerce logistics centers handling huge orders will also appear in various scenes upstream and downstream of the supply chain, which will play a certain role in accelerating the innovation of logistics concepts in traditional industries, the construction of talent echelons and the upgrading and transformation of industries.

Third, technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, operations research, etc. will be applied more widely in unmanned warehouses, driving the emergence of new, more complex and diverse solutions to adapt and explore.

As early as a few years ago, Xinyi Technology started the strategic layout of unmanned warehouse construction. On the one hand, it promoted the construction of a large-scale comprehensive unmanned logistics center covering a wide range of areas. Through efficient cooperation of intelligent hardware, intelligent systems, intelligent algorithms and other means, it realized the digitalization of the whole link operation process, the intelligence of operation decision - making, optimized logistics operations, and finally achieved the goal of improving customer experience. On the other hand, it has discovered many complex scenes and invested heavily in the development of logistics robots and other automated logistics equipment, and promoted the flexible upgrading of logistics systems. Next, we will explore the construction of unmanned warehouse and the commercialization of unmanned warehouse technology and services, hoping to fully promote some mature unmanned warehouse solutions and unmanned warehouse technology to e-commerce industry, circulation field and manufacturing industry, serve more customers, and realize the corporate vision of " making technology logistics create value for enterprises".

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