Main Application Fields and Practice of Unmanned Warehouse

With the rapid popularization and application of all kinds of automatic logistics equipment, the cost of replacing people by machines is getting lower and lower, and the demand for unmanned warehouses in all walks of life is getting stronger and stronger. In particular, the industry with the following characteristics has a more prominent demand for unmanned warehouses:

Labor - intensive industries with obvious fluctuations in production, such as e-commerce warehousing and logistics, have continuously raised the timeliness requirements of logistics, which is limited by the increase in enterprise labor costs, especially the difficulty of temporary employment. Adopting unmanned technology can effectively improve the operation efficiency and reduce the overall cost of the enterprise.

In industries with high labor intensity or harsh labor environment, such as port logistics and chemical enterprises, the introduction of unmanned technology can effectively reduce operational risks and improve operational safety.

Enterprises with relatively high logistics land use costs, such as the fast food wholesale center in the city center, can effectively improve land use efficiency and reduce storage costs by adopting intensive automatic storage technology.

In industries with high standardization of operation flow, such as tobacco and auto parts, standardized products are easier to connect with standardized warehousing operation flow and realize automatic operation.

For industries with high requirements for management refinement, such as medicine and precision instruments, more accurate inventory management can be achieved through strict control of software and hardware.

Among them, the e-commerce industry is a relatively large number of industries with no warehouse. First, the e-commerce industry has a rigid demand for unmanned warehouses, which is mainly reflected in the fact that with the rapid development of e-commerce logistics, labor costs have always occupied the largest proportion of all costs, and mature unmanned warehouse technology can effectively reduce this cost. Secondly, the e-commerce industry has responded positively to all kinds of unmanned technologies. The e-commerce industry is relatively open to innovative thinking and has been continuously introducing all kinds of new equipment and innovative research and development of advanced technologies. Third, the e-commerce industry is also the best experimental scenario for unmanned warehouse technology. Various characteristics show that it is relatively easy to popularize unmanned warehouse technology in an all-round way if the complex scenario of high traffic and multiple categories in the e-commerce field can be solved.

At present, a number of enterprises in the e-commerce field are actively laying out empty warehouses. Especially in 2018, the construction of the industry's unmanned warehouse has been speeding up, and AGV robot warehouses have been put on line all over the country. As a professional third-party warehousing service enterprise, Xinyi Technology has witnessed the brilliant development of China's e-commerce logistics and is actively involved in the construction of a new generation of unmanned warehouses, taking unmanned warehouses as an important measure of Xinyi's intelligent strategy and leading the industry change with technology drive. Xinyi Technology operates intelligent automatic warehouses in Tianjin, Jiading, Jiaxing, Hangzhou and other places, integrating intelligent equipment such as automatic stereoscopic warehouses, stackers, high-speed box conveyor lines, high-speed sorting machines, handling robots, AGV, etc., realizing automation of storage, handling, sorting and other links, reducing field operators to varying degrees and greatly improving operation efficiency.

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