Main Implementation Forms of Unmanned Warehouse

Although unmanned warehouse represents the development trend of logistics technology, it is not easy to truly realize unmanned warehouse operation. From the point of view of warehouse operation, the main actual WW forms of unmanned warehouse are as follows:

Automatic storage: the unloading mechanical arm grabs the goods and delivers them to the conveying line. The goods are automatically transported to the mechanical arm stacking position. After automatic stacking, the system dispatches an unmanned forklift truck to the entrance of the stereoscopic library, and the goods are stored in the stereoscopic library by the stacker. When replenishment is required to the picking area, the system dispatches the stacker to take out the goods from the stereoscopic warehouse, send them to the warehouse exit, and then transport the goods to the picking area by the unmanned forklift.

Kiva - like robot selection: The Kiva - like robot scheme completely subtracts employee walking actions during replenishment and picking, and the robot moves goods to a designated position. Operators only need to complete actions according to the electronic tag light display at the replenishment and picking workstation, thus saving people, improving efficiency and making fewer mistakes. Kiva - like robot solutions can be divided into " order to person" and " goods to person" modes.

Xinyi Technology Robot Matches Single Goods

Automatic picking of conveyor line: after the goods are automatically labeled with barcode at the box opening, the goods are docked at the delivery opening of the conveyor line and dispatched to the picking station by the conveyor line, and can be picked completely unmanned by mechanical arm or manually according to the electronic label light display screen.

Automatic review of packing distribution: the selected order boxes are transported to the automatic packing station for review by means of weight + x - ray, etc. the automatic packing machine and automatic labeling machine successfully seal boxes and cover sheets, and then transported to the sorting machine for automatic distribution to the corresponding crossing.

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