The Main Structure and Core Technology of Unmanned Warehouse

The goal of unmanned warehouse is to realize unmanned operation of warehouse operation processes such as warehousing, storage, picking and warehousing, which requires conditions such as self-identification of goods, tracking of goods flow, self-command of equipment to perform production tasks, and no need for human intervention. In addition, there is also a " smart brain" to analyze the massive data sensed by numerous sensors, accurately predict the future situation, coordinate the operation of intelligent equipment after autonomous decision - making, timely adjust the strategy according to the information fed back by task execution, and form a closed-loop control of the operation, i.e. it has the characteristics of intelligent perception, real-time analysis, accurate prediction, autonomous decision - making, automatic control and autonomous learning.

The composition of unmanned warehouse includes two parts: hardware and software.

Hardware: There are various kinds of automatic logistics equipment corresponding to storage, handling, sorting, packaging and other links, among which the typical representative of storage equipment is an automatic stereoscopic library. Typical transportation equipment includes transport lines, AGV, shuttle cars, Kiva - like robots, unmanned forklifts, etc. Typical sorting equipment includes mechanical arm, sorting machine ( not counting automation equipment ), etc. Typical packaging equipment includes automatic weighing and rechecking machine, automatic packaging machine, automatic labeling machine, etc.

Software: mainly warehouse control system WCS and warehouse management system WMS.

WMS - Coordinate all business links such as storage, goods allocation, picking and packaging at all times, dynamically adjust the business order and business execution order according to the business busy degree of different warehouse nodes, and send action instructions to WCS to make the whole warehouse run efficiently. In addition, WMS records all information flow and data flow of goods entering and leaving the warehouse, knows the location and status of the goods, and ensures accurate inventory.

WCS - Receive WMS instructions and dispatch warehouse equipment to complete business actions. WCS needs to support flexible docking of warehouse equipment of various types and manufacturers, and to be able to calculate optimal execution actions, such as calculating the shortest travel path of robots and balancing the movement flow of equipment, so as to support efficient operation of warehouse equipment. Another function of WCS is to monitor the running status of field devices at all times, and give an alarm to maintenance personnel immediately when problems arise.

In addition, support WMS and WCS to make decisions, so that automation equipment can operate in an orderly manner, instead of people doing all kinds of operations ( walking, grasping and placing goods, etc. ), relying on the wisdom brain behind it, and using relevant algorithms and technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, operations research, etc. to realize the coordination of job flow, data flow and control flow. The intelligent brain is not only a data center, but also a monitoring center, a decision center and a control center. It allocates and co-ordinates the whole situation to maximize the operation efficiency of equipment and give full play to the cluster effect of equipment.

In short, unmanned warehouse is the result of unmanned warehouse operations on the premise of integrating warehouse operations, customizing equipment selection and customizing software systems. Theoretically, every business action in the warehouse can be replaced by a machine. The key is to connect all equipment of different business nodes to form a complete and efficient unmanned warehouse solution.

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