Emerging enterprises have introduced mechanical arm schemes in succession

Other emerging  , such as Kyoto Robotics, Ki Nema System and OSARO, have also proposed similar plans. These enterprises also showed their own competitive advantages in their respective areas of expertise, such as Kyoto Robotics, which provided stable results in the detection of large boxes by virtue of its accumulation of vision and sensors. The KI NEMA System team has rich experience in ROS. OSARO introduces the techniques of depth learning and reinforcement learning in small object grabbing, which can achieve faster detection results only with a small camera.


In addition to sorting robots, traditional AGV also has many exhibition enterprises, such as famous Nab Tesco and Omron. In recent years, the underlying technology of AGV has matured. At present, industry is developing towards navigation intelligence, heavy load and intelligent obstacle avoidance.

The current development of Japan's intelligent manufacturing is largely due to its industrial and technological accumulation. The increasingly serious social problems of Japan's childlessness and aging have also prompted the Japanese government to invest resources in the development of the automation industry. The development of education has provided human resources support for Japan to develop high-end intelligent manufacturing technology.

At present, China and Japan have the same problems to solve, such as the increasing demand for low-end repetitive work labor, the rising cost of human resources and the growing aging problem, all of which require China to start focusing on the development of robot automation business. The 19th National Congress also listed intelligent manufacturing based on intelligent robots as a national key development industry. From these levels, China can sum up its experience and face the future together based on the development of Japanese intelligent manufacturing.

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