Dynamic package weighing - seamlessly integrated into any parcel sorting machine or transfer line

Easy integration into any sorting system

Our dynamic package scales have various configurations and options to meet the most demanding requirements of system integrators. Select the height, width, length of the material and the installation location of the weighing terminal to create a seamless integrated solution. This scale can be used for weighing only or as part of a volume measurement, weighing and scanning solution.

Provides high performance in harsh environments

Advanced filtering techniques can minimize weighing errors caused by common vibrations in high-speed sorting environments. Even under harsh conditions, such as placing the system on the interlayer, accurate weighing results can be obtained

Any speed, any throughput

Each mode of operation is different. We will recommend the right scale for your factory according to your requirements for speed, throughput and accuracy. Our single scale has a flexible weighing point that can increase throughput by 30 %, while the double scale can be used to get the maximum throughput with the smallest system footprint

Fast data communication

The real-time controller can manage your scale and ensure high-speed data communication with the sorter. Data output points can be configured based on various sorting requirements.


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