Mobile forklift scale - weigh while driving

Reliable, safe and accurate pallet weighing

Accurately weigh trays in harsh industrial environments. The combination of solid design and patented three-point suspension technology can ensure accurate weighing under extremely harsh and difficult conditions and avoid the expense or trouble of frequent recalibration.

Mobile weighing

mettler Toledo's mobile forklift scales enable users to weigh when driving a forklift by directly installing weighing equipment on the forklift, so this efficient solution can help customers improve efficiency and save operating costs. mettler Toledo's mobile forklift scales are designed for industrial use and can still maintain high reliability and safety under harsh conditions. At the same time, we have also obtained the global measurement certification, so we can use it in trade settlement.

The accuracy can be guaranteed for a long time

Despite a lot of environmental interference on the vehicle, the forklift scale in mettler toledo can still keep weighing accurately for at least one year. The unique 3 - point fixed design ensures accurate, repeatable results and meets trade requirements, reducing the trouble and expense of frequent recalibration.

Safety design is worth worrying about

Considering its use in harsh industrial environment, the forklift scale can withstand 150 % safety overload and has passed a lot of tests, thus proving its mechanical safety and durability. In the middle of the scale body, a window design is adopted, so that the driver can conveniently see the tray and the position where the fork teeth are inserted in real time, and the safety accident that the tray capsizes due to the wrong position of the fork is avoided.

Easy installation and maintenance

Thanks to the suspension design, the installation is simple and convenient, the forklift can be prepared for weighing in less than 30 minutes, and the warranty of the forklift will not be affected. Mobile forklift scales are reliable, durable and rarely need maintenance. If maintenance is required, the technical service can easily lift the scale body from the forklift for maintenance.

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