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Electric moving shelf

Electric moving shelves, the most common form of intensive storage, use forklifts to access goods. Its space utilization rate can reach more than 85 %. The electric moving shelf is composed of rails ( or guide devices ), trolleys ( traveling devices ), motors, shelves, bolt measuring devices, operation panels and software control systems. The main functions include automatic opening of designated channels, manual opening of designated channels, automatic empty columns, equal dispersal ( equal distance dispersal ), and automatic alarm ( sudden entry of people, sudden drop of goods, overload, etc. ). According to the track style, it can be divided into track type and trackless type.

Entry rack

Entry - type shelves are also called corridor - type shelves, and entry-type shelves are of intensive shelf structure. Driving - in shelves are usually operated by moving forward battery forklifts or stackers, entering and exiting from the same side of the shelves, " first store and then take, then store and first take". It is suitable for the storage of goods with fewer varieties and larger stock-out and stock - in. Most of them are used in food warehouses with high storage space costs such as cold storage.

Features: It is suitable for cold storage of large capacity and single variety of goods. Advanced storage mode; Forklift passage is reduced and space utilization rate is improved.

Press - in shelf

Press - in shelves are evolved from pallet shelves, also called push-back shelves or push-in shelves. The rail and trolley are combined, the rail has a certain slope ( about 3 degrees ), the pallet is regulated and stored in one direction by the weight of the goods, the goods are advanced and come out, which is suitable for the storage of large quantities and few varieties of goods, with high space utilization rate and flexible and convenient access. The total shelf depth should not be too deep, generally within 6 pallets and the weight of a single pallet should be less than 1500 kg. Shelf height is generally below 6m.

Features: Advanced back-out mode of picking up goods; Large quantity storage, high space utilization; Safe system performance; The inclined track design makes the trolley safer and more stable.

When storing the goods, the forklift will place the goods on the top trolley from the front end of the shelf, and when storing the goods later, the original goods will be pushed inside and placed on the next trolley in sequence. When the outmost goods are taken away, the goods inside will automatically slide to the outside due to gravity, and the push-in shelf is suitable for articles with few samples and large quantities. Forklift trucks do not need to enter shelves for operation, reducing collision probability and greatly improving operation efficiency.

Penthouse shelf

The attic shelf usually has a carrying capacity of 200 kg - 1000 kg / m2 and is usually 2 - 3 floors. Access to goods upstairs is usually achieved by walking stairs, lifting platforms, etc. It is widely used in the case of high storeroom, small goods, manual access and large storage capacity.


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