Shuttle car with stacker

Stacker is the main storage and retrieval equipment in automatic storage system. It can walk in horizontal and vertical directions in the channel between three-dimensional shelves according to calculation and instructions. Shuttle cars replace the forks of stacker to achieve the function of storing and retrieving goods.

Features: Goods in any location can be accessed automatically at will; First - in, first-out can be realized; It can be managed and scheduled through WMS and WCS software.

Advantages: The storage density is much higher than that of ordinary stacker warehouses, and one stacker can be combined with multiple shuttles to improve the operation efficiency

Suitable for use in environments where storage density requirements are very high and efficiency requirements are relatively low. It can increase the passage depth of shuttle cars, reduce the number of stackers and realize the dense storage function. The comprehensive investment cost is low.

Scope of application: food, beverage, chemical industry, tobacco and other industries with large number of single items and relatively few kinds of articles.


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