Xianzhi Exhibit Forecast - Multi - machine Scheduling System Robo Route

Robo Route, a multi-machine scheduling system independently developed by Xianzhi, can realize multi-machine cooperative operation, efficiently and flexibly complete assignment tasks, intelligently optimize the production rhythm of logistics transportation, and greatly improve the efficiency of the factory logistics system. Robo Route also conforms to the practical functions of customers' actual needs and will bring customers the ultimate use experience.

Speaking of Robo Route, a multi-robot scheduling system, has a close relationship with Xianzhi's powerful research and development team. In 2017, Xianzhi won the 2017 RoboCup Soccer Robot World Cup small group championship. Relying on this core technology Robo Route, he successfully solved the problem of cooperation among multiple robots and the problem of mobile transportation in a highly dynamic environment.


The Asia Logistics Exhibition will be held from November 6 to 9, and we look forward to your presence.