Xianzhi Robot

At the most influential logistics technology exhibition in Asia, Xianzhi will bring a new intelligent logistics transportation solution for logistics transportation in different fields. This solution will greatly reduce the logistics flow cycle, reduce the logistics transportation consumption, maximize the efficiency of the transportation system, and make production and manufacturing more intelligent, flexible and economical.

Such an efficient overall solution is based on Xianzhi's continuous research and development of core technologies for mobile robots, especially the four technical advantages with industry differentiation and the advent of the multi-robot scheduling system Robo Route, which greatly promoted the development of the intelligent factory logistics handling and transportation system market, and these core technologies mainly realized the full-automatic operation of logistics transportation through intelligent logistics equipment such as SRC series core controllers, AMB series unmanned handling chassis and SRC - based automatic forklift trucks independently developed by Xianzhi.


Friendship Tip: The Asia Logistics Exhibition will be held from November 6 to 9, looking forward to your attention.