The key to the optimization of the distribution system is the optimization of the distribution line, the optimization of the collection line, the distribution of goods and the optimization of the delivery line.

Foreign countries attribute the scheduling of distribution vehicles to VRP ( Vehicle Routing Problem ), VSP ( Vehicle Scheduling LinkRoblem ) and MTSP ( MultipleTravelingSalesmanproblem ). Solving related problems will be applied to operations research, applied mathematics and combination to support and implement distribution routes from different execution angles.

The actual operation effect of the distribution line optimization technology, taking Amazon Logistics + as an example, distribution stations are mostly built around major operation centers, with transportation networks extending in all directions, and packages are distributed to each distribution station through trucks, while the distribution management department has already planned the optimal route for the delivery brother of the distribution department in advance by mastering the national route and real-time road conditions. Through the optimization of distribution line technology, Amazon Logistics + greatly improves the efficiency of distribution.

In the distribution business, the loading technology and the loading route optimization technology have an absolute impact on the distribution enterprises to improve service quality, reduce logistics costs and increase economic benefits.


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