Block Chain Solves the Pain Point of Logistics Industry Safety

" Block chain is now the hottest word in the science and technology industry, and it also applies to the logistics industry," Zhou Ruilong said that Jinshan Cloud currently has KBA AS ( Block Chain AS Service ) as a link connecting cloud, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, and this platform will be extended to the logistics industry.

Using the block chain technology of Jinshan Cloud, the buyer, seller, price, contract terms and other detailed information are verified through the unique signatures of both parties and multiple parties throughout the network to improve security and reduce labor costs. For example, the electronic waybill of logistics enterprises can be distributed and encrypted through the block chain technology to ensure the authenticity and security of the waybill data.

At the same time, on the basis of the block chain identification of commodities and with the block chain information platform as a link, the complete information connection of logistics, information flow and capital flow among suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, retailers and consumers is realized by means of information connection means such as two-dimensional code scanning, RFID and NFC, so as to effectively solve the pain points of the traditional logistics industry.

" In the future, we hope to help logistics enterprise customers continue to make good use of new technologies and gradually get rid of the inefficient mode of high logistics costs and backward technology level, so as to better link production and consumption," Zhou Ruilong said that outside the logistics industry, Jinshanyun will also help customers in various industries such as government affairs, health care, finance and industrial manufacturing upgrade their intelligence and set more benchmarks for smart city construction and enterprise transformation.

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