Let Vehicle Networking and Logistics Management Cooperate Efficiently

Jinshanyun combines its own advantages in vehicle networking solutions to provide customers with a vehicle networking joint logistics management system, thus creating a data synergy effect. Logistics enterprises set up vehicles through the car network, and freight drivers with real-name authentication obtain vehicle license through the car network platform, and can drive and distribute goods through the vehicle's T - Box ( Telematics Box ) communication encryption authentication.

The T - Box of freight vehicles can record current driver information, vehicle usage and cargo information, which will be transmitted to the management system of logistics enterprises in real time. Logistics enterprises can locate and track according to the location of freight vehicles to realize intelligent distribution and management.

At the same time, logistics enterprises can also track the use of freight vehicles, such as driver's driving behavior, vehicle speed, vehicle driving status and fuel consumption. Logistics enterprises can monitor the use of the vehicle network combined logistics management system to better ensure the safe driving of vehicles.


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