AI + new technology model to speed up the intelligent upgrade of logistics industry

As a bridge between production and consumption, the logistics industry in recent years has actively tried to integrate deeply with new information technology under the impetus of the " internet plus" strategy to build a smart logistics, hoping to change the traditional economic model, redefine the industry and achieve rapid development.

All aspects of logistics contain " treasure trove". If properly developed and utilized, logistics enterprises can further improve efficiency, reduce costs and better meet customer requirements. At the 2018 China Logistics Platform Development Annual Meeting held recently, Zhou Ruilong, general manager of Jin Shanyun's government affairs and large enterprise industry, delivered a keynote speech on this topic and shared with the audience Jin Shanyun's exploration and thinking in the logistics industry.


Zhou Ruilong, General Manager of Jinshanyun Government Affairs and Large Enterprise Industries, delivered a keynote speech

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