Reducing logistics cost is a systematic project, and multimodal transport will be vigorously developed

On May 16 this year, the executive meeting of the State Council made a plan to further reduce the logistics cost of the real economy and clearly put forward a series of measures. The Ministry of Transport said that the next step will be to actively promote and ensure the implementation of these deployments.

Promote the abolition of provincial toll stations on expressways.

" At present, China's highway construction and management practice a province-based management system, and the toll collection policies, systems and clearing and settlement systems of expressways all over the country are also designed based on this system. Wu Chungeng, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transport, said the abolition of provincial toll stations is a reconstruction of the existing management system and mechanism and requires a lot of basic preparations, especially in the areas of vehicle and traffic route identification, calculation and processing capacity of the toll system, network security protection of the toll system, inter-provincial service coordination mechanism and so on, which have to be adjusted or strengthened according to the new requirements.

We will promote the " integration of three inspections" of truck annual inspection, annual inspection and exhaust emission inspection.

At present, the Ministry of Transport has formed a preliminary proposal to incorporate the emission inspection of freight vehicles into the comprehensive inspection and security inspection of freight vehicles, and is actively promoting the implementation in conjunction with public security, environmental protection and other departments, striving to achieve the " integration of three inspections" by the end of the year and effectively reducing the operating costs of road freight operators.

Reducing logistics cost is a long-term systematic project. In the future, the Ministry of Transport will also work together to reduce logistics costs through a multi-pronged approach:

Make the structure better. Next, China will continue to vigorously develop multimodal transport, to promote the medium and long-distance bulk cargo transport to railway, waterway transfer. Recently, the State Council issued the "Promotion of transport structure adjustment three-year action plan (2018-2020)", proposed to 2020, the national cargo transport structure is significantly optimized, railways, waterways to undertake a significant increase in the volume of cargo transport, the port Railway set transportation volume and container multimodal transport volume increased sharply.

Make the hub stronger. Promote a number of radiation-driven transport hubs (logistics Park) construction, improve the key port railway and road set transportation conditions.

Let the transport live up. Improve the cold chain logistics, urban distribution and other fields of service level, in-depth promotion of non-vehicle carrier pilot work, improve the transport logistics public Information platform to promote the development of modern supply chain.


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