Location of County Logistics Hub

According to the single position of a logistics center, it is inappropriate for a county logistics center, and the general city logistics center has a clear division of labor and a single function. For example, Prosper mainly rents out to customers such as Baishi, Jingdong and Kraft, and the county logistics center must be a complex of overlapping functions.


According to the local scale of transportation, the area of the county transportation center with a population of 200,000 should be less than 10,000 square meters. No matter how large the area is to form storage, it is not suitable for transportation. For agricultural products, the cost of their own soil methods and the treatment of damage may be more effective.


The functions of the county logistics center should be diversified, and the development of rural logistics is the key to breaking down the barriers between urban and rural areas, and how far away the small passenger and bus lines are.

Making full use of the existing cost structure and operation mode to form a comprehensive operation system among passenger trains, e-commerce service stations, special line drop-off and express delivery distribution is essential and cannot consider the county logistics center according to the city's professional operation.

Integration and transformation with other modules is the core of county logistics center. For example, the connection with bus and village public transportation, the connection with e-commerce service stations, and the connection with outgoing express delivery.

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