E - commerce Express and Agricultural and Agricultural Products – Contrary

The existing express delivery system focuses on speed, e-commerce sales are more suitable for agricultural products with higher added value, while for bulk agricultural and sideline products, e-commerce and express delivery channels run counter to the principle of efficiency and cost.

The e-commerce channel relies on the principle of express delivery operation, from the bulk of agricultural products, easy corrosion and the pursuit of the lowest cost, and the whole direction is wrong. The " Three Links and One Reaches" express delivery is dominated by franchisees in the township market, and franchisees are typically represented by husband and wife small workshops. They lack the ability and channels, and relying on e-commerce and express delivery cannot solve the problem of agricultural products export.

The way to solve the problem lies in gradually separating and perfecting the rural logistics infrastructure network system based on the county logistics hub and supported by the county, township and village logistics nodes, which is not only the need and necessity for the in-depth development of logistics construction, but also the need and necessity for the development of rural economy.

Therefore, the construction of county logistics hub is the core element of agricultural products export!


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