Is there any way to do a good job of loading and unloading?

Reasonable selection of material handling methods

During loading and unloading of materials / finished products, reasonable loading and unloading methods should be selected according to the characteristics of different materials. Whether the operation is centralized or bulk operation depends on the characteristics of the material. When loading and unloading the same material, centralized operation can be adopted. Such as ore, chemical raw materials and other granular materials, it is appropriate to adopt bulk operation mode.

Reduce the invalid loading and unloading of materials

The main performance of invalid loading and unloading operations is excessive loading and unloading of materials.

Too many times of material handling and handling will increase costs, slow down the flow of materials throughout the enterprise and increase the possibility of material damage. Therefore, when handling materials, we should cancel or merge some operation links as much as possible.

Scientific handling of materials

Scientific loading and unloading refers to ensuring that materials are in good condition and are not damaged during operation, putting an end to barbaric operations and ensuring the personal safety of operators. When using materials handling equipment and facilities, attention should be paid to their load rate, which should be within the allowable range of equipment and facilities, and it is strictly prohibited to overuse or exceed the limit.

Coordinate loading and unloading operations and other operations

The material / finished product handling operations and other operations need to be balanced, coordinated and unified before they can give full play to the role of the link between material handling and handling.

In order to realize the coordination between loading and unloading operations and other operations, it can be realized through standardized operations. The standardization of loading and unloading operations refers to the establishment of a unified standard for the procedures, equipment, facilities and material units of material loading and unloading operations. With a unified standard, it will be more convenient to coordinate handling and other operations.

Combined unit loading and systematic operation

During loading and unloading, pallets and containers should be used as much as possible for operation. The tray separates the materials from each other and is convenient and flexible in sorting. Containers gather unitized materials into a large batch, which can be handled by mechanical equipment with higher efficiency.

Using mechanical equipment to realize large-scale operation

Mechanical equipment can carry out a large number of operations, resulting in economies of scale. Therefore, if conditions permit, replacing manual operation with mechanical equipment operation can effectively improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations and reduce the loading and unloading costs.

Handling materials by gravity

In the process of loading and unloading, we should consider the gravity factor and make use of it. The use of gravity is to use the height difference, and in the process of loading and unloading and transporting, simple tools such as slide chutes and slide boards can be used to automatically slide down from the height by using the weight of the material itself, so as to reduce labor consumption.


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