Scientific and Effective Material Handling Principles

To do anything requires results, and handling is no exception. So what is the effect of good handling?

Many warehouse management personnel may disagree with the mention of material / finished product handling, believing that handling is nothing more than a matter of effort and is not the key control link of warehouse management, so they do not pay attention to it in daily management. In fact, the handling of materials / finished products is an auxiliary link in the production process, which exists in warehouses, between warehouses and production departments, and in various links such as shipment. Handling has a great impact on the production efficiency of enterprises. Effective material handling management can greatly reduce the time and cost. For warehouse management, this is a very important management content. Therefore, it is necessary to design the loading and unloading of materials so as to make them more scientific and reasonable.

That is, in time, according to quantity and accuracy. Timely completion of handling tasks, accurate positioning of handling images and handling capacity are essential. Before moving, we need to let the porters know clearly what products need to be moved, how much the total amount is, and how long it will take to finish. If the porter does not know the above-mentioned matters, the timeliness of handling may be reached, and repeated handling may occur due to incorrect handling, less handling or more handling due to ignorance of the quantity, delay due to unclear time, affecting the next working procedure, etc.


That is, to ensure that the quality of the transported products is not damaged. We know that there are many factors that affect product quality, such as production, packaging, or the quality of the product itself, but it is easy not to see the impact of the handling process on product quality, in fact, the impact of the product in the handling process is very great. When handling, employees must develop a high awareness of product protection and have feelings of love / treasure for the products.


That is, human security, equipment security and product security. In fact, the most frequent accidents in the storage industry should be handling safety. Some people who fail to observe safe operation lead to accidents at work, and some lose the safety of products in handling process management.

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