High - efficiency vehicles are kept fresh by cold chain transportation

As we all know, what cold chain transportation pays attention to is a " fresh" word. Take the cold chain of agricultural products as an example, the " freshness" means safety and quality behind it, and it means that food will arrive at consumers from the country of origin in the shortest time, which is a great test for the whole cold chain transportation system.

According to the China Cold Chain Logistics Industry Analysis Report ( 2018 ), the market size of cold chain logistics will reach 300 billion yuan in 2018 and 470 billion yuan in 2020. At present, the number of refrigerated vehicles in China has reached 90,000, with a total capacity of 40 million tons. With the policy support and the demand for cold chain logistics rising gradually, if the expected market size of the cold chain logistics reaches 470 billion yuan, China's cold chain logistics vehicles will usher in a rapid development opportunity.

In order to meet this market prospect, Futian Daimler and other vehicle manufacturing enterprises have put forth efforts to use cold chain logistics vehicles to provide efficient transportation equipment and perfect service plans for cold chain logistics enterprises. " In the past, the transportation mode of' riding the world of mortals and concubines while no one knows that litchi is coming' has long been replaced by' air, sea and land three-dimensional' cold chain transportation, but the core of which remains the same is people and transportation equipment. We hope to promote the efficient development of enterprises and improve people's quality of life by helping enterprises train professional first-line drivers and combining professional transportation equipment such as Ou Man EST super truck. " Fukuda Daimler brand director Li Jian said.