Technical Advantages of Block Chains

01 for all users


Anyone who meets the requirements can participate in the block chain network, and the device can be used as a node. If you like, you can get a complete data message on the device. Each node maintains the environment of the whole chain based on the corresponding consensus mechanism. Even if some of the nodes fail, the remaining nodes can still work normally.


02 De - centralized Trust System


Block chain is a distributed network composed of many nodes. Data exchange between nodes is verified by cryptographic methods without mutual trust. As long as it is carried out according to the established rules of the system, nodes cannot and cannot deceive other nodes. The whole network has no centralized management organization.


03 The transaction process is transparent and both parties to the transaction are anonymous


The operation rules of the block chain are open and transparent, and all data information is also open, so every transaction is visible to all nodes. Since the nodes are untrusted, there is no need to disclose identity between the nodes, and each participating node is anonymous.


04 traceable and non - tamperable


The modification of the database by a single or even multiple nodes cannot affect the database of other nodes, which is almost impossible unless it can control more than a certain proportion of nodes in the entire network. Each transaction in the block chain is connected in series with two adjacent blocks by cryptographic methods, so it can be traced back to the past lives of any transaction.