The voice of exhibitors at Cemet Asia 2017

I'm glad to have the opportunity to attend this Cemet Asia event. Cemet Asia provides a platform for us to communicate with many people in the industry, and through this exhibition we have established contacts with many potential customers. I hope cemat exhibition will be better and better and will have the opportunity to continue to cooperate in the future.


——managing director of dematec international trade ( Shanghai ) co., ltd:Dr. Jens Hardenacke


This Cemet Asia show has a larger scale and higher audience quality than previous ones. As exhibitors, we are satisfied with the exhibition results and have achieved our expectations. At the same time, the forum we held during the exhibition attracted a large audience to listen and received a warm response.


——president of automation business department of shengfei you storage system ( kunshan ) co., ltd: Guo renzheng