Cemet Asia 2017 is the perfect closing date!

The annual international logistics event, the 2017 Asian International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition ( Cemet Asia 2017 ), has come to an end! This year, the exhibition scale reached a record high, with an exhibition area of over 60,000 square meters attracting more than 600 well-known enterprises around the world and attracting 98,742 visitors.


In terms of exhibitors, system integrators, intelligent AGV and logistics robot exhibitors with traditional advantages all participated in the exhibition, and the newly-launched intelligent forklift exhibition group brought together the top brands of forklift trucks at home and abroad. Among them, the system integrators include Dematek, Shengfei You, Ruishige, TGW, Intelli Grad, Vander Lande, SFA, FIVES, Beiqiyuan, Beizisuo, Wuqiang, Zhongding Integration, Today International, Dema, Corundum, Jiangsu Gaoke, Koru, etc. They bring the latest products and technologies to the audience. The traditional AGV enterprises include: Hoda, Kejin, Jingyuan, etc. have subverted the new technological revolution. Robot giants ABB, FANUC and Xinsong have gathered in Hall W3 this year, and new logistics robot enterprises including Jizhijia, Kuankang, Haikangweishi and Nanjiang are all on stage. The brand-new forklift theme pavilion is located in Hall W5, and the heavyweight exhibitors include Hangjiao, BYD, Nori, Ningbo Ruyi, etc.


In addition, during the same period of this year, the exhibition successfully held the largest number of on-site forums in history, covering cold chain, intelligent storage robots, cross-border service mode innovation, future urban distribution and other fields, and in-depth discussion on the technology, market and concept development of logistics-related industries. The professional audience covers e - commerce, express delivery, food, medicine, automobile, retail, clothing, shipping, manufacturing and other application industries, with unprecedented coverage and quantity.