Cross - border E - commerce Logistics Practice in Banliere, Central Europe ( Yuxin Europe )

" Yuxin Europe" is the international railway channel from Chongqing to Duisburg, Germany, Europe. It refers to the use of the Eurasia Continental Bridge, an international railway channel on the south line, which starts from Chongqing, passes through Xi 'an, Lanzhou and Urumqi, crosses the northern Xinjiang railway to the west, reaches the Alashankou Pass at the border port, enters Kazakhstan, and then passes through Russia, Belarus and Poland to Duisburg, Germany, with a total length of 11179 kilometers. This is a railway transportation channel coordinated by the railway and customs departments of six countries along the way. Chongqing is the new starting point of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. The name of " Yuxin Europe" comes from the joint agreement of the railway ministries of China, Russia and Kazakhstan, Belarus, Poland and Germany along the line. Shortly after the opening of Chongqing New Europe, it became an important logistics solution for Chongqing to import cross-border e-commerce goods from Europe, reducing the time loss and the risk of damage and theft in the traditional segment transportation. Reducing the complexity of relevant documents and procedures for segmented transportation; All kinds of related expenses for the whole transportation process have been reduced and the development of inland cross-border e-commerce has been activated.


In June 2015, the cross-border e-commerce honey bud company of mother and infant and its surrounding consumer goods delivered 10,000 German - made net kettle to Chongqing through the " Yuxin Europe" train, which is an example of domestic cross-border e-commerce using international rail to transport goods.


In December 2015, 40 tons of Danish milk powder arrived in Chongqing on the last return train of the " Yuxin Europe" China - Europe line, another breakthrough in sourcing goods in the development of local cross-border trade e - commerce.


In September 2016, the " Yuxin Europe" full of 80 imported Mercedes - Benz, BMW and Volkswagen vehicles made its first original vehicle import train from Alashankou to Chongqing's tuanjie village Railway Port, which is the first time that the original imported vehicle has been transported since the start of the China - Europe train operation.


In May 2017, Chongqing Lianglu - Cuntan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau completed the inspection and quarantine of the first batch of frozen pork transported to Chongqing via Central Europe. This is the first time since Chongqing's designated port for imported meat has released imported meat products transported through Central Europe.


" Yuxin Europe" class broke the bottleneck of the transportation system along the line and provided institutional guarantee for cross-border e-commerce cross-border logistics transportation.