Obstacle factors in cross-border sea-rail transport

There are similar problems between sea-rail combined transport and high seas combined transport. The lack of facilities leads to a significant reduction in the efficiency of the transfer between container terminals and railway operations. Although most terminals have railway transport facilities, this restriction is caused by the short loading and unloading line and the failure to complete the train schedule. At the same time, many goods have been replaced by sea and rail containers in the terminal, with the lack of close connection between the stations and the short highway barge playing the role of a bridge. Because the port and railway equipment are not matched, it also leads to excessive operating costs. In addition, the railway facilities need to be further improved. In recent years, the railway has developed rapidly, which has led to the development of some areas, but the related capacity is still not mature enough. Moreover, some of the goods will have timeliness problems. Whether the current railway transportation capacity matches with it will result in the goods not entering the railway directly after unloading from the ship and choosing other channels.


Solution suggestions: A series of processes such as packaging, loading, transportation, marshalling, changing, customs declaration and distribution of sea-rail intermodal goods are required to be seamless. Sea - rail intermodal transport is a complex transport system. Relevant merchants should actively cultivate the main body of the sea-rail intermodal transport market and use the policy to guide more enterprises to participate in sea-rail intermodal transport and expand the scope of this field. Relevant enterprises and units should work together in the market to encourage and support shipping companies to carry out sea-rail combined transport business inland and promote business integration.


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