Obstacle factors in cross-border high seas combined transport

Our country's terminal infrastructure equipment lags behind the ever-expanding cargo throughput, and its main equipment is not matched. The reason lies in our country's incomplete understanding and construction of the cross-border logistics multimodal transport network. Most small and medium-sized terminals still exist in the form of multi-purpose terminals and grocery terminals and do not have the basic conditions for container cargo transportation. The fact that the wharf is not matched with roads, bridges, tunnels and lifting equipment prevents most container goods from being transported " door to door" and leads to the failure of " one vote to the end" in high seas combined transport.


Solution suggestions: It is a basic requirement to improve the infrastructure and equipment of the wharf, equip professional personnel to improve the network nodes of cross-border logistics multimodal transport, and build a professional wharf that conforms to the modernization. The construction and improvement of roads, bridges, tunnels and lifting equipment related to the wharf will be completed. Reduce the excess loading and unloading process of goods, thus speeding up the efficiency and reducing the loss of goods.