The Application of Cross - border Logistics Multimodal Transport in China —— Taking Yunnan as an Example

Lancang - Mekong River, as the main river flowing through Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar in Yunnan, will have an important impact on multimodal transport between Yunnan and ASEAN countries. And as the main transportation channel of Yunnan's water transportation, it has always occupied the main position of multi-modal transportation, and has been sought after by Yunnan's cross-border logistics transportation because of its low transportation cost, good passing ability and large transportation capacity. Among them, Dachaoshan Port and Manwan Port located in the upper reaches of Lancang River were both used as docks in the reservoir area of the power station. Their initial construction purpose was to facilitate the daily life of the local people, so the facilities were simple and the berths were few. Such a plan has led to a discount in Mekong freight volume compared with the actual situation, and the incomplete grasp of the actual information has directly reduced the development space of local cross-border logistics.