International Business of Domestic Express

The popularity of cross-border e-commerce has led domestic express companies to speed up the layout of international business, such as EMS and Shunfeng, all of which have made great efforts in cross-border logistics. Shunfeng has launched express delivery services to the United States, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries, and launched cross-border B2C services from mainland China to Russia.


Advantages: Faster speed, lower cost than the four major international express delivery companies, and strong ability of EMS to go through customs in China.


Although there are many kinds of logistics solutions for cross-border e - commerce, due to various reasons such as incomplete cross-border logistics system and low level of information, there are many common problems such as long distribution time, high logistics cost, inability to track packages all the way, failure to support returns, customs clearance obstacles, breakage and even packet loss, which to some extent affect customer experience and the development of cross-border e - commerce.


Against this background, many cross-border e-commerce companies have turned their attention to a very urban cross-border logistics solution - multimodal transport, especially those relying on international railway trains, and some countries have made useful explorations and innovations.