Overseas warehouse

Overseas warehouse is combined with the characteristics of e - commerce, can provide overseas professional channels for rapid delivery, has accurate overseas inventory management, flexible sales strategy and decision support. Overseas warehouses are shipped from overseas warehouses and only need to be delivered to customers in 1 - 3 days, so the logistics cost is relatively low. For cross-border e-commerce customers, the customer experience in overseas warehouses is very good. At present, overseas warehouses have become a more respected logistics mode in the industry, such as eBay's introduction of Winit's US warehouse, UK warehouse and German warehouse as the focus of publicity and promotion. Logistics service providers such as Export Easy and Delivery Sifang have also made great efforts to build overseas storage systems and continuously launch new products. The domestic large cross-border e-commerce enterprises such as AliExpress and Dalong Network have advanced their overseas warehouse layout and cloud storage management system.


Advantages: Solve the problems of high cost and long distribution cycle in the small package era. In addition to reducing logistics costs, there is also a flexible and reliable return and exchange scheme, and overseas customers have high confidence in buying. Short delivery cycle and fast delivery speed can help sellers expand sales categories.