International Multimodal Transport: A New Choice for Cross - border E - commerce Logistics?

Under the background of China's rapid economic and technological development and economic globalization, the logistics industry has also stepped into the ranks of globalization. City - to - city, state-to-state trade and material exchange are also increasing, and logistics plays an important role among them. Cross - border e-commerce logistics between countries has attracted the attention and attention of the global logistics industry.


Behind the booming cross-border e-commerce market in China, the biggest challenge for cross-border e-commerce is logistics. Cross - border logistics has always been a bottleneck restricting the development of the entire cross-border e-commerce industry. Cross - border e-commerce logistics is characterized by fragmented global logistics, scattered service areas and high logistics costs. The logistics environment, customs, level of economic development and culture of different countries are very different around the world. It is more difficult to do cross-border logistics than to do domestic logistics