BYD Forklift Helps National Wine Maotai

Guizhou Maotai, as the " top leader" in the liquor industry, is the most important part of logistics handling in the production process, and has been using a domestic lead-acid battery-piled high car before. " Lead - acid battery forklifts charge for a long time, have trouble in maintenance and repair, often worry about safety problems during charging, and have short battery life and are not durable. Replacing batteries every year is a big expense. " Maotai drivers so feedback said. The lead-acid battery has acid mist and hydrogen emissions during its use and charging process, and its shortcomings such as short life, inconvenient charging and frequent maintenance have been criticized by customers. BYD forklift trucks carry iron batteries developed independently, completely subverting the series of problems such as serious pollution, slow charging and complicated maintenance of traditional lead-acid batteries, helping customers improve logistics efficiency while creating a green and environment-friendly operating environment.