BYD Forklift Helps Wahaha

BYD forklift truck carries zero-emission iron battery, which solves the tail gas pollution problem of internal combustion forklift truck. Compared with traditional lead-acid battery, its iron lithium battery is free of maintenance, short in charging time and long in battery life, effectively reducing the use cost. In addition, BYD electric forklift is equipped with intelligent electric control system, BMS power management system, OPS safety early warning system and so on, which effectively improves operation efficiency and ensures personnel safety. Zhu Shuangjia was full of praise for this. BYD forklift not only reduces the use cost and labor cost for the enterprise, but also promotes the standardized construction of enterprise storage management. In the past, the fuel forklift truck had not yet arrived at the side, and the rumbling noise made workers avoid it. Now it is a comfortable working condition to use BYD forklift truck, and sometimes they have to honk the horn to remind workers to avoid it. For this reason, Baili Company's warehouse area has re-planned the road surface. After the establishment of various marking standards such as traffic lanes, sidewalks, corners and intersections, the mixed state of people and vehicles in the past has been changed and the work order has been improved, effectively reducing the collision of handling equipment, increasing the safety of workers' operations, further improving the utilization rate of storage space and taking warehouse management to a new level.