BYD forklift - company introduction

Shaoguan BYD Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is one of the important layouts of BYD's new energy industry. BYD forklifts, with a total investment of 515 million yuan and an area of about 700,000 , are mainly engaged in the production and assembly of spare parts for electric forklifts, including electric counterbalance forklifts and electric storage forklifts, which share six assembly lines and can meet the demand of 20,000 forklifts per year.


BYD forklift has mature technology and perfect management, and pays attention to research and development and investment in technology. According to the company's development plan, BYD forklift combines BYD's three leading technologies of automobile, IT and new energy, and devotes itself to the technical upgrading of global handling equipment and the standardization and perfection of service standards. BYD forklift accurately grasps the development direction of green logistics and quickly adapts to changes in the market environment. Relying on the company's advanced core technologies such as battery, motor and electric control, it has successively developed new energy logistics handling products such as balanced forklift, forward forklift, pallet truck, stacker truck and tractor. At the same time, BYD forklift also actively deployed the port machinery field, bringing a green innovation to the development of the industry.