[ Exhibitor information ] Central Asia intelligent AGV system

Innovative Products of E - commerce and Packaging Flexible Logistics - Central Asia Intelligent AGV System

In August, typhoon " anbi" just left and the weather quickly warmed up. As the competition in e-commerce and fast consumer goods industries intensifies, products are gradually refined and subdivided. In order to grasp the Chinese consumers who are more " changeable" than the weather and make enterprises move forward steadily in the market development, brand makers have been satisfying consumers through various innovative means. At the same time, higher requirements are also put forward for automation equipment that can improve production efficiency, adapt to product conversion speed and production flexibility.


In order to solve the problem of flexible and efficient logistics in e-commerce and packaging industries, improve production efficiency and speed up the speed of product listing, Central Asia Machinery has launched the Central Asia Intelligent AGV ( Automatic Guided Vehicle ) logistics system after two years of development.


It is reported that the Central Asia intelligent AGV system consists of an intelligent scheduling platform and a mobile robot ( AGV ). The AGV independently developed by the system can move more than 500 kg of materials freely in indoor environments such as workshops and warehouses, and fully ensure the safety of man-machine mixing during driving through integrated navigation algorithms and front and rear safety sensors. Moreover, under the control of the Central Asia Intelligent Dispatching System, it can support up to 100 intelligent AGV's running without collision and efficiently, charging autonomously according to the task situation, and supporting 7 * 24 hours of continuous running.


According to the head of the Central Asian Mechanical Intelligent AGV, the Central Asian Intelligent AGV has been running stably in its own factories and warehouses. Its first generation of products made its debut in Haixin International Convention and Exhibition Center on July 13, 2018, and has gained great attention from customers at home and abroad. The AGV product lines including traction, connection and forklift will also be gradually improved in the near future. The Central Asian Intelligent AGV is very suitable for the efficient and flexible logistics needs of the e-commerce and packaging industries, and can effectively reduce labor costs and improve logistics efficiency.